Professional Telemark and Alpine Ski Instructors

NOTICE - Effective as of January 1st 2019 - QuantumLeapSolutions (rjlSystems) is NO LONGER in the High Tech Business

For the past three (3) years we have become more and more involved in the Snow Sports Industry and NOW it is finally time to sever our connections with delivering High Tech Professional Services.

Having said that... we do have a couple of businesses we continue to support (with High Tech Professional Services and they know who they are.

We will no longer take on any new business related to delivering/consulting in High Tech services.



We have all seen the "fine print" on the reverse side of a daily ticket and/or season pass. If you have rented gear or signed up for a lesson you also sign off you understand participating in Snow Sports has risks. Safety First is not only our number one (1) goal but also part of our motto - "Safety First Have Fun!"

Have Fun!

It is all about having fun!

The Gap!

If we are really honest with ourselves, there is a "gap" between what we THINK we are doing and what we are actually doing in our skiing. It basically came down to this -

Tools and Best Practices

The tools we employ to improve/enhance our skiing ability are called "drills".